Tuesday, May 25, 2010

On Now You Can Fly: Virtual circumambulation of Baha'i sites via Google Earth and more

For my wife, viewing Google Earth is a profound meditational exercise. She is forever sitting at the computer looking up places she reads about or hears about on TV. Dick Proenneke's cabin: she knows right where it sits on Twin Lakes in Alaska. Japan: it's her favorite country to view from the satellite perspective. Last night I got to bed an hour later because I thought I would spend a few minutes looking for our next camping spot in Eastern Washington. Well, those few minutes turned into a whole lot more. Ever check out the Baha'i Houses of Worship on Google Earth? James has all the coordinates on his site. Click over. -gw
Back in 2006 I posted this article giving the locations of various Baha’i sites for anybody wanting to zoom in on them in Google Maps or Google Earth. Back then a couple of the buildings were obscured by clouds, those clouds are now gone and, if you have 3D Buildings turned on, you can now fly around 3D models of the exteriors to most of the buildings.

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