Tuesday, May 11, 2010

On Living Simply: In the light

The document, titled "Rethinking Prosperity: Forging Alternatives to a Culture of Consumerism," challenges the view that there is an intractable conflict between what people want – which supposedly is to consume more – and what humanity needs.

"Much of economic and psychological theory depicts human beings as slaves to self-interest," it says. "The faculties needed to construct a more just and sustainable social order – moderation, justice, love, reason, sacrifice and service to the common good – have too often been dismissed as naive ideals. Yet, it is these and related qualities that must be harnessed. ..."

A couple of weeks into his new job, my middle son is living simply in Denver, his apartment (pictured below) looking quite bare-bones. His latest email is below. -gw

From: Tarazullah

If you could just send my black hangers, that movie - Where the Wild Things Are, and i think there is a plastic bag in the closet of the study, a white plastic bag. I dont know whats in it. but i think it could be sent. Ohh and that blanket!! thanks. thanks all i can think of now. I thought there was more. Ohh well.


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