Monday, May 17, 2010

On inter-faith relationships: The truth is, we can't push someone to believe something

From a column in the Jamaica Observer. -gw
Fortunately for attorney Stacey Mitchell-Frazier, her husband, who had been raised in the Methodist and Anglican churches, did not have a problem with the fact that she subscribed to the Baha'i faith.

"It was something that was placed on the table pretty much immediately and up front, and he has been supportive. I don't try to force him to do anything, he doesn't try to force me to do anything, I think he knows that I am strong and committed in my views and somehow we have been able to work with it," she said.

She said although her religious practices require a great deal of time and commitment on her part, this has not affected her three-year-old marriage.

In fact, she said her husband has been very supportive.

"He has been to Baha'i events, I went to pilgrimage to Israel two years ago and he came with me. He has been to Baha'i observations, we have said prayer together and I have used Baha'i writings on different things at our house and so he has participated in those things," she said.

She said a mutual respect for each other's beliefs has made it easier for them to live harmoniously, even long before they were married.

"; that's not a helpful process, in fact it would be an insulting activity," she said.

"Sometimes there are differences yes, but the truth is religious beliefs is a personal thing and one has to be respectful of different things, you are not always going to agree on the details, but I find that a lot of times, the fundamentals are similar."

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