Saturday, May 01, 2010

On Exploring Baha'i Conceptual Territory: Coherence

'Abdu'l-Baha warns that reform cannot be achieved through the application of technical formulas. Advancements in public consciousness are necessary if these instruments are to be wielded effectively by the nation. "It is inconceivable that any nation should achieve prosperity and success unless this paramount, this fundamental concern [education] is carried forward." (SDC p. 109) And in another place:"The publication of high thoughts is the dynamic power in the arteries of life; it is the very soul of the world." (ibid) Forums for public discussion are of little use if they are not accompanied by a vigorous process of capacity-building among those destined to use them. Baha'is were involved in this process then. And Baha'is are involved in it now.
Baha'i Coherence is described as "An Exploration of Our Conceptual Territory." Other posts cover these subjects on this unique collaborative blog, -gw

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