Friday, May 14, 2010

On Coming to a Baha'i Feast Near You: All About Intensive Programs of Growth

Zabine Van Ness: Everybody has a part to contribute according to their passion and commitment.
I learn via Zabine (bless her heart!) on Facebook about the focus of the next Baha'i Newsreel -- IPGs. So as not be jargon-y, an Intensive Program of Growth (IPG) is the term Baha'is use for their plan for collective action to "grow" the Baha'i Faith. There are more than 1500 communites in the world today that have Intensive Programs of Growth. -gw
Our latest Newsreel (set to be released this week!) is all about IPGs - Intensive Programs of Growth. But first thing's first: what exactly is an IPG again? Check out this video to learn, or to remember! For more videos about IPGs - attend your community's Feast this week! Or you can see them shortly online at:
Length: 3:55

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