Tuesday, May 18, 2010

On Call for Arts Proposals for Association for Baha'i Studies Conference: Gathering Aug. 12-15, 2010, in Vancouver, BC

The Arts Task Force for the 2010 Association for Bahá’í Studies Conference invites proposals from artists interested in presenting or performing at the conference. The theme of this year’s conference is “Rethinking Human Nature”. The theme Statement can be found at http://www.bahai-studies.ca/node/707.

We are looking for artists to present or perform material that explores of the theme of “rethinking human nature” — including art that deals with transformation, emotive and spiritual depth, upliftment, human potential, aboriginal and other diverse perspectives.

Artists from all disciplines are encouraged to make proposals: dance, theatre, poetry, music, visual art, video art, and so forth. (Please note that time and physical restrictions do not allow for full theatre or dance productions. Visual art is usually presented by being projected as installation/ exhibition of actual work is not generally feasible.) All conference participants, including those submitting scholarly presentations or artistic presentations for consideration by the conference organizers, are required to pay conference registration fees. In cases where financial assistance is required, we ask that you contact the ABS office.

There are four possible ways artists might be utilized at the conference:
1) Devotions—as readers, musicians, singers, projected visual artists, dance/movement artists.
2) Main stage performances—we have a few slots, utilizing any of the disciplines listed above.
3) Late night performances—whether planned or “open mic,” we need people interested in sharing their gifts and perhaps serving as MC(s).
4) Short presentations before break-out sessions (i.e. presentations of various simultaneous topics). We will compile a “resource list” and ask presenters if they would like a short piece (music, poetry, dramatic reading) at the beginning of their session.
Note: There may be collaborative possibilities at the conference and beyond.


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