Friday, May 28, 2010

On Aspects of Contemporary Civilization: Uncivilized

What are the lamentable trends in contemporary life? Peter Khan's observations are incredibly astute, as summarized here: -gw

  1.  The tendency of an increasing proportion of the world’s population to regard religion as irrelevant in solving issues.
  2.  Forms of conduct we regard as improper even as society has come to accept them as normal and appropriate.
  3.  The side-effects of the blessings bestowed by technology, including a devaluing of real-life social interaction.
  4.  An abject failure of collective decision making and governance, with an associated decline in respect for authority.
  5.  A pervasive sense of insecurity that manifests in a lack of confidence in the future, a deep-seated animosity among opposing parties, an increasing vulnerability to demagogues, and an emotional adherence to simplistic solutions.
A Flickr gallery to illustrate these observations... -gw
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