Tuesday, April 06, 2010

On the Wind of God: Lost In A Lost World

Robert is definitely on my wave-length with his musical favorites. How many songs can be related to the Holy Texts! -gw

From: Northwest Bahai Library

"A tempest, unprecedented in its violence, unpredictable in its
course, catastrophic in its immediate effects, unimaginably glorious
in its ultimate consequences, is at present sweeping the face of the
earth. Its driving power is remorselessly gaining in range and
momentum. Its cleansing force, however much undetected, is increasing
with every passing day. Humanity, gripped in the clutches of its
devastating power, is smitten by the evidences of its resistless fury.
It can neither perceive its origin, nor probe its significance, nor
discern its outcome. Bewildered, agonized and helpless, it watches
this great and mighty wind of God ....."

Shoghi Effendi

"Lost In A Lost World" by the Moody Blues

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