Thursday, April 22, 2010

On Reflections on the 2010 Ridvan Message of the Universal House of Justice: Engaging in collective transformation

Vannessa called me for the second time a few minutes ago. With Bricelda and Angela I had visited this mother of eight in her home last Saturday and sharing prayers with her. We discussed having regular meetings for systematic spiritual study in her home. Tuesday she called on another matter, but asked, "We're still meeting on Friday, aren't we." "I'm looking forward to it," I said.
In her call today she said she had talked to her mother about us and had done some investigation online. Her mother, who is a minister, raised some doubts, apparently, and she was calling to cancel. I said, "Baha'is aren't looking to convert people; we're looking to raise up spiritual neighborhoods." Hearing that, Vannessa said, "I think I'm going to override my mother on this one. Let's go ahead with our meeting as planned. I'll have my children and grandchildren there, too. I want them to be in on this." -gw
A few of us have read this message together now, and we are all astonished at its vision and clarity. As I mentioned yesterday, the first point that really hit me was how much more important it is that people feel welcome to join us in helping better society without feeling the pressure of becoming Baha'i.

A second point that really stands out for me is the recognition that what we are doing is helping build capacity within a given area, or amongst a given people, to more effectively engage in collective transformation.

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Last night Deb and I visited again with Jeff. We're planning on meeting in his home for study on Sunday evenings. We also talked more about children's classes for his two younger children and a junior youth program for his 12 year-old. He and his three boys are going to come to Family Fun Night at Karen and Fredrick's this Saturday night in addition.
What a blessing our last Intensive campaign has been to put us in touch with such dear souls!  -gw

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