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On Ere the Hour of Dawn: The Garden of Ridvan

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In the interest of inter-religious dialogue ... -gw

Baha'u'llah spent 12 days in a garden in Baghdad visiting with His followers. His followers named the garden Ridvan, which means "Paradise" or "good pleasure" in Arabic. The exact circumstances of the Declaration are not known. According to Shoghi Effendi, Guardian of the Faith: “The fragmentary description left to posterity by His chronicler Nabil is one of the very few authentic records we possess of the memorable days He spent in that garden. “Every day,” Nabil has related, “ere the hour of dawn, the gardeners would pick the roses which lined the four avenues of the garden, and would pile them in the center of the floor of His blessed tent. So great would be the heap that when His companions gathered to drink their morning tea in His presence, they would be unable to see each other across it. All these roses Baha’u’llah would, with His own hands, entrust to those whom He dismissed from His presence every morning to be delivered, on His behalf, to His Arab and Persian friends in the city.” Baha'u'llah called Ridvan the Most Great Festival and the King of Festivals.
AMEIA KLArchdiocesan Ministry of Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs is a diocesan commission of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur
We are committed:
  1. to promote mutual understanding, respect and collaboration between Catholics, other Christians and followers of other religious traditions
  2. to encourage the study of religions
  3. to promote the formation of persons dedicated to dialogue

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