Saturday, April 10, 2010

On a Bonifide Winner: Robert Gillies

Songs for Social Change
Apr 2, 2010
I has just been announced that I have been awarded first place in the Berklee Songs for Social Change songwriting competition, a prize I am overwhelmed to have received. Again, thank you everyone for your love and support; I would not be the person I am without a sturdy foundation and loving family and fans behind me.
Check out Robert's song "Lying." -gw
Robert Gillies at 9:25am from Boston, MA.
Mar 30, 2010
Last Saturday was quite a day. I had been invited some time back to be a part of a fundraising project called 'Songs for Songs', an event that sought to raise money and send instruments to reformed child soldiers in Uganda. Though I write and play music everyday, the power of music can sometimes be clouded and I forget how truly potent it is as a source of enormous personal transformation. The way that these children, who once wielded weapons, have been changed for the better is earth-shattering and a true testament to the ability of people to create and be a part of positive change.

Songs for Songs Flyer

The event showcased four singer-songwriters (Natalie Sara, Hannah Christianson, Allison Preisinger and myself) and designs from the Humanity Movement, an apparel company that uses it's designs to convey and promote messages of peace and humanity. Not only did we pack out the Lily Pad, but we sent at least two guitars to the children in Uganda and raised over $300 to aid the purchase of more musical equipment. One, unified voice was heard that night, a voice that proved that no matter the obstacles we can unite for common good.


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