Monday, April 12, 2010

On Baha'i Teaching Via Skype: Call it a virtual fireside or home-visit

Zabine Van Ness: about a 2 hour virtual home fireside...a most dedicated seeker in Tyler, Texas with their Bahai teachers. Accompanied by friends from Brazil and Malaysia. Prayers opened and closed chanted in Malaysian, then a prayer in Portuguese in Brazil and closed with a German prayer. Many questions on the bible, baptism... and the station of Baha'u'llah. Started with contemplation on several Hidden Words on Mediation. So many thoughts and concepts to be discovered. Neighbors in Malaysia stopped by to say hello too. All smiling at each other and waving. Hearts are connecting.
Yesterday we were blessed to have Zabine from Seattle join us for a day of teaching in Tacoma. Before we headed out, Zabine shared with us of her experience of having  participated in a virtual home-visit that brought together souls from the four corners of the globe for two hours of prayers and teaching via Skype. -gw
Zabine Van Ness: thank you Amarjit for your most touching Malaysian chant for our fireside inTyler, Texas. It was wonderful to have you as a most spiritual 16 year old accompany us tonight. Your grandfather is very proud of you and so are we.I will say prayers for your children's classes in Ipol, Malaysia too. We are proud that you have completed all 7 books. thank... See More you Fabio in you are only 19 and the ONLY Bahai in your city in Brazil of 150,000. Your prayer was so sincere. Your input was appreciated...we can teach regardless where we live!

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