Monday, April 19, 2010

On Baha'i PowerPoints: Six by Rod Clarken

Baha'i Related PowerPoint Presentations by Rodney Clarken

Baha'i Teachings and Holidays

Presented at NMU University Center, Blast From the Past Holidays Around the World program, December 6, 2004. Briefly describes Baha'i holy days and teachings to a university audience. Includes many pictures and several links.(27 Slides)

Knowing your True Self: A Baha'i perspective

A presentation using Baha'i writings to describe the importance and methods of knowing your true self.(26 Slides)

Legacies from the Beginning of the Twentieth Century

All statements in this presentation are taken directly or indirectly from Century of Light (2001) which reviews the profound and little understood changes of the 20th century from the Baha'i perspective.(26 Slides)

Six Essential Requisites for Spiritual Growth

Presented at the Green Lake Conference Green Lake, WI August 29, 2009. The Universal House of Justice identified six essential requisites for spiritual growth in a September 1, 1983 message. This presentation takes excerpts from that message and discusses the what, why and how of these requisites to assist us in applying them to our lives.(38 Slides)

Unfoldment of World Civilization

A summary of Shoghi Effendi’s masterful explication on the evolution of civilization written in 1936 to the Bahá'ís in America.(126 Slides)

Adaptation of paragraphs 1-29 from One Common Faith, a statement commissioned by the Universal House of Justice, 2005. The original material has been simplified or shortened with some parts quoted verbatim, with the purpose of presenting the main ideas more succinctly without changing the meaning.(30 Slides)


I love a PowerPoint. Succint. To the point. -gw

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