Monday, March 08, 2010

On Thanks, Lisa For Opening Your Home: Salishan has a center of attraction for hearts aglow

Yesterday I was in Salishan, one of Tacoma's most unique neighborhoods, diverse over its history. Read about it here:
We had a "consolidation day" of follow-up to the intensive Baha'i expansion campaign that focused there in January. What is happening in Salishan is one of the most exciting advancements for our cluster in terms of its development to date. We have a resident who has opened her home, a natural center of attraction for children in the neighborhood, as a site for weekly children's classes, and a devotional meeting followed by a study circle in the home every two weeks. The connections that are taking place are those that occur between neighbors who share so much in common, living side by side and having their children walk to the neighborhood school, neighbors who wish to ensure the spiritual education of their children and youth, as well as their own, all contributing to the spiritual upliftment of their neighborhood. Thanks, Lisa, for arising to serve. -gw

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