Tuesday, March 09, 2010

On a New Baha'i from the 'Hood: Charles officially registers

Tonight I picked up Charles and brought him over to the house. We checked out the Baha'i websites, looked at pictures of Baha'is in the community on flickr, and then studied together the section on the Covenant in Ruhi Book 2, alternately reading paragraphs and answering the questions at the end. And tonight, Charles officially registered as a Baha'i.
In a few days he's going down to Lakeland FL, where his family is. He hopes to look up the Baha'is. He wondered if the Baha'is down there would be surprised to meet a new Baha'i from the 'hood. I assured him that they would be pleased, but probably not suprised. Baha'is are from every neighborhood

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