Tuesday, March 02, 2010

On Music for the Olympics Surrealand: United in celebration

"United In Celebration" Uploaded on March 2, 2010 by Steve Rosset on flickr
TaliaSafa rock the musical part of my brain, too, although I didn't make it up to the Olympics. -gw
Just got a postcard, yes, a POSTCARD from a fan who listened to our CD while walking around the Olympics. This guy is very techno-savvy and up on all the lastest social-media, so it was a real TREAT and special Ayyám-i-Há gift that he cared enough to send a real-live postcard! Here's some of what he wrote:
“Greetings from Vancouver, site of the 2010 Olympics. I listened to your CD and it made walking through the streets of every walk of life on earth there for the Olympics Surrealand amazing. You guys rock the musical part of my brain's world...”

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