Friday, March 19, 2010

On an Inspirational Message from Wiccans: Probably no problem for Baha'is

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But what if some student who is Quaker, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Rastafarian, or even -- horribilis de horribilis! -- a secular humanist wants to "deliver" an "inspirational message" at half-time? Are that student's "First Amendment" rights violated if the school official in charge says 'no'?

What if a Northern Baptist doesn't care for the "inspirational message" delivered at a public school assembly by a Southern Baptist? Can she sue, too?

Would a Hasidic Jew waive his rights to hearing a loudspeaker message at half-time delivered by a Reform Jew? How would a member of the Baha'i faith react to an "inspirational" message in the lunchroom from a Wiccan? What about the response of an Episcopalian to an "inspirational message" in between acts of the school play from a member of the anti-gay Convocation of Anglicans in North America? Even "Christians" hate a lot of other "Christians" (we might almost say, "especially" Christians.)

So, hand them all a veto and an excuse for filing lawsuits against the school board and public school officials? It's all too ridiculous for words.
About that question about Baha'is being exposed to a Wiccan inspirational message. Probably no problem for them. -gw 

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