Saturday, March 13, 2010

On Co-workers As Friends: Hanging out, no flash

Baha'is have a thing about family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. Tonight I hung out with co-workers who are also my friends.
These were such good people who gathered in Kirby's home.
Kirby is a co-worker for whom I had the opportunity to DJ for his 60th birthday party. Sixties music had been requested. I delivered.
I had thought I would set things up and play for an hour and then go on to another gathering I had been invited to. But once there, there was no leaving these friends and co-workers.
When it came time to hear a few words from Kirby and cut the cake, I brought out the camera and took a few shots. I would have liked to have taken more. But these photos at least catch the essence for me.
I am continuing to experiment heavily with cropping. As usual, I try to avoid using the flash, preferring instead the possibiilties that come with low-light conditions. I love soft images and the painting-like quality of a bit of blur. They better represent the way we see with our minds, I believe. -gw

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