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On the Baha'i Fast: A rich time for blog writing and blog reading

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The fast is a rich time for blog writing and blog reading. Somehow there is always a little extra time for reflection at this time. -gw
He is smiling from the Kingdom of Abha at his first great grandson, Leroy (Carmel and Michael's child).

Sid died on the eve of the fast.

"The Aqdas states: 'We have commanded you to pray and fast from the beginning of maturity [15 years]; this is ordained by God, your Lord and the Lord of your forefathers ...
Shout-outs to all the Baha'is and pseudos observing the Fast in some way or another. I wish you fruitful reflections, clarity, and inspiration.

This is Day 1 of 19.

A little self-discipline goes a long way.

Adding powdered ginger and cinnamon to a mug I pour in water and add a large spoonful of thick honey. Day 1 on the Baha’i fast from food and water between sunrise and sunset, 18 to go. I have become so used to constantly snacking and consuming a perpetual stream of water that it is almost more habitual than need. You never really notice how much of your day you spend eating, until you don’t. The hot, sweet, and spicy liquid pours down my throat. It is delicious and soothing.
If you’re on Twitter, the hashtag #BahaiFast will let everyone know what you’re up to.
As I was reflecting on the Baha’i Fast, I remembered my time in Haifa, Israel.  I was lucky enough to participate in two years of the fast while serving there.
My plan for the fast, is to find a different family to break the fast with each evening of the fast, to really use these opportunities to build bonds of love and fellowship :). I have the next week fully booked which is pretty exciting.
Today is the first day of the Baha'i Fast, and with it comes thoughts about what the Fast means, and why we fast. Shoghi Effendi tells us that fasting is symbolic. Are my hunger pangs symbolic? My dry throat, my thirst? Perhaps so. Well, yes, they are symbolic. In fact, my life is symbolic. It signifies something. The significance of "Man" is in signification. Each of us is a sign.

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