Saturday, March 27, 2010

On African & Gypsy Children Dance to Baha'i Music in Portugal: Thanks Maryam, Eric, & Paulo

In the U.S. we may see headlines again this summer such as Black-Hispanic Gang Rivalries Plague Los Angeles. In other parts of the world there are other rivalries and conflicts among ethnicities. As referenced by Paulo below on Facebook, it's between Gypsies and Africans in Portugal. Thanks to Marco for bringing this wonderful video footage, linked below, to my attention. The song is, of course, by Eric Harper. -gw

Paulo Ribeiro de Lemos (videos). We have been watching news reporting gangs fights between Africans and Gypsies in Portugal. To solve this social calamity the use of force and discipline has been unsuccessfully applied by authorities. Hundreds millions of euros are annually granted by the government to... be used in public policies to re-establish the social order in several challenging neighborhoods. Without support of any kind, except Love and the word of GOD, amazingly beautiful African and Gypsy children, of various age, have been gathering together to learn and consult about thewritings of Bahá'u'lláh. Their happiness and joy stamped on their gorgeous smiles and expressed by their incredibly loud laughs have been responsible for unite their families and for make them understand that we all have to harmoniously participate in the process of building our common and shared destiny. To you Maryam Sanai and to the entire Baha'i Community of Portimão (Portugal) many thanks for making it possible! I'm so grateful to you all for allowed me to be a witness of this unifying movement during the celebration of Naw Ruz. I will never forget this moment ... Happy Naw Ruz to all my baha'i fellows all around the world. I invite you all to watch the following video...

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