Tuesday, March 30, 2010

On Adding Fragrance to a Baha'i's Life: I picked up my old job as a gardener

I also noticed that weeds had grown tall. Besides Kit himself, sitting on the wheelchair, who could only reach out to the wild plants right in front of him, nobody else had helped him in weeding. So I picked up again my old job as an assistant gardener.

My appointment at CCH had been postponed to 7pm. So I took my time to pull out unwanted grass with its roots. People of the Baha'i faith dressed in their new clothes began to come into the centre for the preparations of the event. I suddenly felt compassion for Kit who was staying alone in his messy room which was just next to the beautifully decorated hall where the Baha'is gathered for functions.

Some people were curious to see me squatting among the plants. Kit told them my identity as Saratha's former colleague and as a Christian. When they complimented me on my act, I simply smiled in return. And I prayed in my heart that one day they would know the truth of the salvation through Jesus.

Beautiful story (read it in its entirety) and pictures. -gw

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