Wednesday, February 03, 2010

On Something More Astounding Than Winning a Grammy: Music with a message is well worth the investment of my lifetime.

I won!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Nope.  Not the lottery.  Not a Grammy.  Not American Idol

At the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Public Awards Program Saturday night at City Council Chambers I was awarded the 2010 Baha'i Unity of Humanity Award!  Without warning me first, Dottie Henderson of Unity Church had written a glowing nomination for me, and she was so eloquent that the committee couldn't resist!  I've read over the nomination, and Dottie seems to have the idea that I write songs about peace, personal growth, and social justice and then live my life like I believe my own songs!  (Probably a dangerous thing sometimes!)  I was so HONORED.  Thank you so much, Dottie, for recognizing that there really IS some method to my madness!  And yes, I truly do believe that music is magic.  Music is medicine.  Music can work miracles.  And music CAN help us remake the world.  Moreover--music with a message and peacemaking with music is well worth the investment of my lifetime.
Church music director receives award Dana Clark, music director at Unity Church of San Antonio, was awarded the 2010 Baha’i Unity of Humanity Award by the San Antonio Martin Luther King Jr. Commission last month.

Dottie Henderson, who nominated Clark for the award, wrote to the city commission: “Clark is in service to humanity and the world through a ministry of music as a singer, songwriter, musician, poet, music teacher and writer. A review of her work consistently presents themes of unity, harmony and oneness in the world, healing differences, and treating everyone with dignity and respect.”
Clark founded the San Antonio Peace Choir in 2006 and is co-founder of the Lewis and Clark Musical Expedition band,


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