Monday, February 15, 2010

On a "Baha'is on the Internet" Workshop: James Eugene Frank's iPhotos

From: Jamie Frank
Date: 2010/2/14
Subject: iPhotos

Today my Baha'i friend from the old days in Seattle in the early 70's, Jaimie Frank, my wife Bonita and I went to the beautiful Bellevue Baha'i Center for a three-hour workshop on "Baha'is and the Internet" presented by Glen Fullmer, Director of the Office of Communication, and Ellen Price, Assistance Director. I learned so much about the Internet and the Baha'i presence on it that I didn't know.

These pictures were taken today by Jaimie, who has been taking photographs for the past 45 years.

Jaimie's work can be viewed here on Flickr: james eugene frank's photostream. -gw

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