Thursday, February 04, 2010

On Kudos to a Dad and a Mom: Los Angelista's

He married my black mom, and he's still married to her. My Irish-American dad's joked before that my mom being black wasn't a big deal to him. Instead, his biggest worry was she wasn't Catholic.

 It is nice to see pics of Liz's father today on her blog in a birthday paen to him and the link to a previous piece on her mother's birthday. Lovely post. Lovely to note that Liz is second-generation Baha'i. It's not to be taken for granted when the children of Baha'is turn out also to be Baha'is. -gw only true sports passion is Notre Dame football.  ... Of much more importance than sports is truly my love for the Baha'i Faith and the opportunities for fascinating discussions which sometimes arise with sincere people of many different religious backgrounds.
Love, Dad

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