Wednesday, February 17, 2010

On Hiking the Greenline Trail #6: A Capitol idea

Bonita and I are looking to maintain balance in our lives. What's balance? Sometimes I am not sure. Do I have my priorities straight? The numbers of Baha'is are few and the needs are great. But getting out into nature once a week for some vigorous, heart-thumping exercise seems essential.

Bonita & I travel to Olympia in the rain to the Capitol State Forest for a hike.The rain lets up and we give it a go. It's another hike with elevation climb. It has me breathing hard, but for Bonita it's a piece of cake. She does her own version of vigorous exercise Sunday morning, doing the hills in Tacoma's Old Town, before we head out together to the "Baha'is and Participation on the Internet" workshop in Bellevue.


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