Tuesday, February 02, 2010

On Gardening Tips: Seeds endowed with potentialities such as had never been known in history

Folks, My lawn guy says my lawn is dying and if I don't re-sod it soon, I'll have no lawn left. Re-sodding will be $700 (YIKES!) as I was told I will need seven (7) pallets of sod at $100/each.

In this economy, I can't spend $700 on grass. What are my options? Can I plant seeds? One advantage of seeds (other than cost) is that I won't have an unlevel lawn....or have to spend a ton of time/$$$ removing dirt. I imagine you can't just plop sod down on top of grass...you have to dig away some dirt so the final lawn is all at one level.

I looked everywhere for St. Augustine grass seeds...and was told you CAN'T GROW St. Augustine from seed? OK, so I found Bahai Grass. It is not a perfect match but better than a batch of plain dirt, no?

Are there downsides to planting Bahai seeds on a St. Augustine Lawn? Any advice for doing so?

I hear that Baha'i seeds will grow just about anywhere. -gw
The seeds which ‘Abdu’l-Bahá’s ceaseless activities so lavishly scattered had endowed the United States and Canada, nay the entire continent, with potentialities such as it had never known in its history.

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