Sunday, February 07, 2010

On the Correlation of Religion and Science: And Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'"

 When I Don't Stop Believing (a look at popular lyrics) and (the) Journey was in Tanzania in the mid-70s, I correlated religion and science by putting the Baha'i modular 19-month calendar on the triangular sides of the 20-sided Platonic solid called the icosahedron. On the 20th side, I put the particular year according to the Baha'i Era count (possibly 131 or 132). I sent a copy to Bucky Fuller since he was the expert on icosahedron and all things mathematical. I did receive a thank you note back. But I was reassured in some small way when I saw that he had put that cosmic equation given above. He talked about each person's OmniDirectional Halo. Nowadays, some pop singers are catching up to the research of science and religion.
Click over to read Steve Watson's entire post. Now this is what long-form blogging is all about!  -gw


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