Tuesday, February 09, 2010

On Connecting up at the Top: Where all paths to God come together

Last Saturday I had to work, unexpectedly. Saturday night we managed to turn a half hour drive to Baha'i Feast at Jay and Kristine's into an hour long adventure. I hadn't brought their address and thought I could find their place by feel only. We made it finally, but only after we had to drive into Federal Way to find a gas station so low had we become on fuel.
Sunday we decided to return to the Green Mountain State Forest for a hike, this time taking the Gold Creek Trail up to the Vista view on top. Last week had we continued a bit longer on the Wildcat Trunk Trail, we would have connected up to the Vista Trail, 4.3 miles from the Wildcat Lake trailhead to that point. The Gold Creek route was shorter and quicker, but the forest was just as lovely to traverse. -gw

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