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On Colegio Ridvan: Baha'i-inspired education

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Siggy is on a Baha'i Year of Service in Central America, down from Alaska. -gw

I'm a 20-year-old college student who is on a grand adventure in El Salvador. This page is an account of my story and discovery. A long way from Alaska, the only place I've ever lived, I'm sure to learn much during my stay here :)

The new news of my service is that I'm moving on Tuesday to live near the capital. I'll travel in the mornings to teach English classes at Colegio Ridvan. The word ¨ridvan¨ means paradise and it is a Baha'i-inspired school with about 100 students from kinder to fifth year.

One morning recently, a marvelous thing happened. I woke up with a profound sense of belonging. I felt like I was adjusting well to my new home and work. A welcoming peace was about me as I arose out of bed. Not a few minutes later, I go to put on my shoes and discover a dead cockroach in one of them. Yuck. So that's how my existence here is, always something new!

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