Monday, February 01, 2010

On the Baha'is: From what I can gather, the basic gist is unity

So the Baha'i Faith is the subject of discussion among some AR15.COM forum members tonight. -gw
>This religion has half as many adherents around the world as Judaism, yet I have never heard of it until today. Begun in Persia a couple of hundred years ago, they are a monotheistic religion and the largest religion after Islam in Iran, where they are severely persecuted, as in most other Muslim states. Currently, India has the largest number of followers.
They accept many of the teachings of the Abrahamic religions yet have many core beliefs which could be considered as being ahead of their time, such as intelligent design.
They have some pretty interesting architecture as well.
Anyways, I don't really have a point to make here, other than to ask if anyone has any information or personal experiences or thoughts about this religion beyond what is available at the wikipedia article, i'd be keen to learn more. It's very interesting to me and i'm surprised i've never heard of it before now.
> Some friends of my mother belong to that faith. He was a travelling type and met her in Iran, I think it was.
> The few I know are decent, hardworking people that seem to be happy and healthy. I know little about them other than what y9ou already posted.
> I always that of it as the catch all. I've went over the basics a couple of times in a couple of class when I was in college. All the worlds religions point to the same GOD.
> My girlfriend is Baha'i. From what I can gather, the basic gist is unity. As a practical matter, this means just try to get along with people. Be nice and non-confrontational. If you have any specific questions, I can ask her.
> The worst I can say about them is that I can never keep straight which is their symbol and which is the South Carolina symbol. (tree & crescent moon like thing)
> One of my grandmothers is.

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