Tuesday, February 23, 2010

For Gamers: For Ayyam-i-Ha

He was ready to call it a night when the wheels started turning. Bobby Picker Jr. jumped out of bed, grabbed some graph paper, and began to draw. "It was very linear when I first started, but now it’s a beautiful piece of artwork,” he said about his creation.

It's called Gems of Virtues, a strategy board game that brings out a player’s true character, and hopefully, Picker said, teaches them about honor and integrity as well. 

Picker, an engineer from Edwardsville, Ill, isn’t the only Baha’i who’s created a way for friends and family to partake in a little fun and games. And since the Baha'i season of gift-giving and hospitality, Ayyam-i-Ha, is just days away, this is welcome news.
When is the last time you sat around a table with the fam and played a board game? -gw

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