Monday, January 25, 2010

On Rita's Passing: She enjoyed Baha'i fellowship

Rita was a friend to the Baha’is. -gw

Dear Friends,

Our dear friend Rita passed on to the next world last Saturday, January 16.   

So many in our Tacoma and neighboring communities knew Rita over the years as she was a quick friend to everyone and enjoyed our Baha'i community and the fellowship.  She attended our Devotional Meetings at Wright Park, many Naw Ruz breakfasts at the Olsen's, Gig Harbor firesides at the Nolen's and even Ruhi study circles at the Dannells'.  She always called me to go to Azar's annual turkey feed for the 9th Day of Ridvan because she enjoyed it.  She met and adored Farshad's mother visiting from Teheran ... the stories go on and on....

Her son Michael called me to share the news, and he offered the attached link to a youTube video of Rita's life. 

I'm sorry to lose in this earthly life a dear friend, but my spirit is uplifted that Rita's spirit is now free and soaring......please offer prayers for the progress of this dear sweet always giving soul.  Feel free to forward to others I may have forgotten.

Loving greetings to all,



The following words are from her son Michael:

My mother passed away on Saturday, January 16, 2010, as she slept peacefully. Members of her family were at her side. This video was originally put together by my sister Renee, as a birthday present to my mother for her 71st birthday. It's a warm and lving compilation of family photos and memories of our mom.  Michael


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