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On Japan Will Turn Ablaze: I never thought there could be another great religion which teaches universal peace


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I am recently knowing about Baha'i faith which started in Iran in 18th century by great religious reformer/prophet Baha'ullah. I never thought there was such another great religion which teaches universal peace,respect, compassion and unity among humankind. Its hard to believe that its leaders/believers were persecuted in muslim countries... Indeed, Baha'ullah is a great teacher in the middleast who unites the east and west.

Are there are anyone also who were interested in Bahai faith? what's is your impressions? I found that there were few thousands baha'i members in japan. Anyone members here?

I hope this person is able to connect up with Baha'is in Japan. Dan Jones visited Japan last April, noting that Tokyo Baha'is were beginning with their own IPG, like Baha'is in A-clusters the world over. -gw
Lara and I stopped by the Tokyo Baha’i Centre (unfortunately, not with enough time to linger inside) to join some of the local Baha’is on a trip to a devotional meeting. we shared prayers together, and spent some time talking about the life and growth of the Tokyo Baha’i community as well—the Tokyo Baha’is are in the midst of the first cycle of their intensive program of growth right now, so it’s an exciting time for them all.

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