Saturday, January 30, 2010

On Increasing the Number of Baha'is Participating in the Instiute Process in Their Communities: Get down on it

During the disco and funk era, in many venues the dance floor was often located below the seating area, so to "get down" was to go down to the dance floor.

 During the Baha'i era to "get down" means to participate in the Institute Process. Tutor a study circle, be an animator for a Junior Youth Group, hold a devotional, do a home-visit, consult at your cluster reflection meeting, participate in the teaching projects initiated by your Area Teaching Committee in conjunction with the Auxiliary Board members -- in other words, "Get down on it. Get your back up off the wall. Dance, dance!"  Increasing the number of believers actively participating in the Institute Process will be key to maintaining systematic, sustainable, and signficant expansion of the Baha'i community. -gw


What you gonna do
You want to get down
Tell me what you gonna do
You want to get down
Get down on it
Get down on it
Come on and

How you gonna do if you really
Don't want to dance by standing on the wall
Get your back up off the wall

Kool And The Gang Lyrics - "Get Down On It"

The video comes via a tip from Frank who knows Montana and its bears well, having hiked just about every trail in Glacier Park and seen more than just one or two, although always from a distance. -gw

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