Tuesday, January 05, 2010

On Identifying Your Perfect Songs: Perfectly arranged, evokes just the right emotion & lyrics matter

Now this makes me want to go through the songs on my iPod to come up with my list. My all-time favorite Baha'i songs is "Capable to Love" from BMG's Done Made My Vow to the Lord album. That song is perfect starting with the opening bass line. I'll start my list with that. -gw
A short while ago, Lev and I had a discussion about perfect songs. My criteria are straightforward but exacting: everything about the song must be perfect, with nothing about it to make you wince or wish it was different. A good tip-off is that every time you hear the song, you are excited about it. The music is perfectly arranged, and evokes just the right emotion. Also, lyrics matter. There are a lot of almost-perfect songs, but if something about the lyrics rubs you the wrong way (or makes you wince or raise an eyebrow in confusion), then it’s for another list.

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