Monday, January 25, 2010

On I Need....: 8 Days a Week

I need a week off ... to blog.
Life is rich. Our intensive phase, 9 days of intensive Baha'i teaching, including 4 days of going door-to-door, is over. There are so many vivid and glorious impressions to share, hundreds of photos still to put up on flickr, just from this past weekend alone. There are some great posts for Baha'i Views and Baha'i Music in the making, thanks to kind readers who have passed on some great material. All I need is time.
Tommorrow I do another evening training for the parents of pre-schoolers for work, which is on top of the 8 hours between 8 and 5. Opps, that means the meeting at my house for setting up a Hilltop Junior Youth group needs to be moved to another location or another night. I need 8 days a week.
8 days a week
Is not enough to show I care
"8 Days a Week" by the Beatles

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