Tuesday, January 26, 2010

On the Ebb and Flow of Baha'i Volunteers in Service in Haifa: Coming even from the midmost heart of the ocean

All of the islands of the Pacific, including the Solomon Islands, are situated, in Baha'i terms, in "the midmost heart of the ocean," and are places where Baha'u'llah raises His Voice, proclaiming: 'I am the life-giver of the world!'” From such places Baha'is travel to Haifa to serve as volunteers at the Baha'i World Center. -gw

SERVING God in another country for three years is something John Hiona says is unforgettable.

Mr Hiona, who recently returned from Haifa in Israel, the world centre of the Baha’i Faith, shared his experience last Friday in Honiara. ...

Mr Hiona described Haifa as the Baha’i world centre where thousands of Baha’i faith followers go and visit each year. ...

Mr Hiona said Haifa world centre is a place of holiness and serving there is important because it is a historical place for all Baha’i Faith people.

He said he was one of 12 Baha’is who served in Haifa at different times in previous years.


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