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On Drawing Nigh to Baha'u'llah: Adib Taherzadeh's gift for humorous and engaging storytelling

Bonita asked to listen to the Taherzadeh tapes all the way up to the Pike Place Market and on the way back. I say tapes, because the series in cassettes is what we have -- glad we still drive a car with a cassette player in it -- but the talks are available in CDs,too.

Drawing Nigh to Baha'u'llah
is a fascinating presentation by Adib Taherzadeh that was shared in the summer of 1984 in Anchorage, Alaska. This 11 disc set explores spirituality and the material world with captivating stories and wisdom. In this program, Adib Taherzadeh explains the value and importance of Obligatory Prayer, daily reading of the Creative Word, selflessness, service, teaching and other essential elements of spiritual growth. Mr. Taherzadeh's gift for humorous and engaging storytelling manifests itself throughout the program, as he shares accounts from the history of the Baha'i Faith to illustrate the subject matter. He also draws on metaphors used in the Baha'i Writings and uses many examples from nature to promote a greater understanding of such subjects as faith, the development of the soul, sacrifice, the Covenant and others. Each CD has been formatted with track numbers aprroximately every 3 minutes so that the listener may quickly and easily search through the portions of the lecture on each disc. total running time: 13 hours, 14:20 minutes

As I was listening I thought how much parts of his talks could be used to augment our study circles or even played during home visits. Here is a Scribd document on "Life After Death" that draws from Taherzadeh's marvelous explanations of the Baha'i teachings. As we are covering this very section in Ruhi Book One, I will make copies of the document for Kim and Rahmat. -gw

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