Sunday, January 31, 2010

On Counting Crows: But first the numbers

It's the end of the month. Good day to track the numbers.
In the last 27 days there have been 21,567 views to the Baha'i Views / Flitzy Phoebie photostream, photos, and sets on Flickr. What's a view, you ask?
Every single photo page can be arrived at from any other part of the internet. There's no "gateway" page they have to first enter. Thus there can [and will] be individual counts for each image, for each person who found their way there. Similarly, there will be counts for each person who arrived at your front page, with nary the two counts meeting. Each of your set pages as well, have their own unique counter.
According to Google Analytics, in January 2010 there were 4,686 visits to Baha'i Views on Blogger, 2,496 visits to Baha'i Views on WordPress, and 1,495 on Posterous. That's 1,104 to Baha'i Views on Posterous and 391 to Baha'i Music on Posterous.  I'm no longer autoposting to either Teaching the Baha'i Faith or Defense of Faith. The former is still accessible, and its archives drew 106 visits in January. So the total blog visits for the month for all of the blogs was 8,783.
Visits represent the number of individual sessions initiated by all the visitors to your site. If a user is inactive on your site for 30 minutes or more, any future activity will be attributed to a new session. Users that leave your site and return within 30 minutes will be counted as part of the original session.
Posterous provides a postviews number that is fun to watch grow. This is separate from the site visits number which Posterous also provides, as does Google Analytics. A visitor can come to the site and view multiple posts on one page or a visitor can arrive directly to a post. Those post views really add up.
Since I started Baha'i Music (first called "bahaimusic's posterous") on 9/11/09, 30,798 post views have accumlated, up from 21,198 just a little more than a month ago.  (I arrived at the numbers going through the laborious process of adding up all 123 posts.) Add to that 5,750 site views and you have a grand total of 36,548 site views and postviews combined.
By my talley today, there have been 59,954 post views on Baha'i Views on Posterous with its 320 individual posts since I started using the blogging platform on 9/21/09. Add to that number the 6,994 site views and you have a grand total of 66,958. That's up from 47,470 from late December, the last time I did a talley.
Total Posterous site views and post views to date: 103,506.
On YouTube Baha'i Views is "bahaivews" (no "i"). There are 124 video clips that have been put up. Adding up the total number of views for the first time today, I note that there have been 5,660 views total of those videos.
Enough counting visits and views for today. It's Counting Crows instead. -gw

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