Saturday, December 05, 2009

On a Prayer at the Site of the Lakewood Police Murders: An outpouring of emotion

The chief foundation of the prohibition of murder, theft, treachery, falsehood, hypocrisy and cruelty, is reason. Every intelligent man comprehends that murder, theft, treachery, falsehood, hypocrisy and cruelty are evil and reprehensible; for if you prick a man with a thorn, he will cry out, complain and groan; so it is evident that he will understand that murder according to reason is evil and reprehensible. If he commits a murder, he will be responsible, whether the renown of the Prophet has reached him or not; for it is reason that formulates the reprehensible character of the action. When a man commits this bad action, he will surely be responsible. ...
The law of the community will punish the aggressor but will not take revenge. This punishment has for its end to warn, to protect and to oppose cruelty and transgression so that other men may not be tyrannical.
Four Lakewood WA police officers were murdered the day after Thanksgiving. A day or two later the man responsible ended up being shot and killed by a policeman responding to an auto theft call apparently involving the man. There has been much in the news about this case locally and an outpouring of emotion for the lives lost. I visited the site where the murders took place today to say a prayer. I was not alone. -gw

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