Monday, December 21, 2009

On Posting on Posterous: This other blog

I first started posting to Baha'i Music on 9/11, 10 days before I started a Baha'i Views blog on posterous. I have posted 90 times on this site, not counting this post. Total post views amount to 15,479 total. Site views number 3,404 to date, bringing the total to 18,883 views altogether.

The content on, like the content on, is autoposted to four other blogs, Baha'i Views on WordPress, Bahai Views on Blogger, Defense of Faith, and Teaching the Baha'i Faith. The total views for both posterous blogs (Baha'i Music's 18,883 + Baha'i Views' 35,396) is 55,279. -gw

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