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On Claims of Truth: To label the Baha'i concept of unity as “exclusive” because it negates the claims to exclusivity of those it means to unite is absurd

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More on exclusivity vs. inclusivity. -gw
I am sure you appreciate that that statement is a claim to exclusive truth of its own. You are claiming to know that the distinguishing features of religions that separate themselves from each other are merely man-made. By what authority, besides your fallacious appeal to authority in declaring yourself well-versed in holy books, do you make this claim.

With all due respect, your usage of the word “exclusive” is so broad as to make it meaningless. To label a concept of unity as “exclusive” because it negates the claims to exclusivity of those it means to unite is as absurd as saying sobriety is really just another form of drunkenness, so it’s no better than going on a bender.

I make no appeal to authority, fallacious or otherwise. I am merely pointing out what in my opinion are self-evident historical facts which can be checked and verified by anyone. For example, within the fold of Christianity alone there are hundreds of sects & denominations, all with widely divergent ideas on theology, eschatology, soteriology etc. Some Christian groups hold beliefs closer to Hinduism or Buddhism than to other Christians! These differences did not arise from differing source texts: all possess the same original New Testament. They arose from differing opinions & interpretations, the opinions & interpretations of fallible (& stubborn) human beings, which clearly demonstrates that there are hundreds of different ways of reading the same text. This has been going on ever since Christ ascended to His Father over 2000 years ago. The same phenomenon has occurred in just about every other major religion.

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