Thursday, December 24, 2009

On Bringing Thyself to Account: I became a Baha'i, despite every mess that would hold me back

who i am...
i have learned more about myself in this last year than in my whole life.
i have never surrendered to other people's expectations.
i have always done things my own way, even if this resulted in me being homeless, jobless and definitely broke.
i ran away from my house, countless times. this last time, for good.
i've had over 10 different job, most of them resulting in me leaving after a few shifts.
i've had every hair color imaginable, and changed the length of it countless times.
i've realized i need more out of life.
i've let go of every friend i had, and that gained me more freedom than i ever thought i would have.
i've become better at recognizing my needs.
i've been thought of as insane person for doing things differently, but i can't wait to be a success.
i met the person i want to spend my life with at nineteen.
someone finally helped me get clarity and i became a baha'i, despite every mess that would hold me back.
i realized the truth about so many things i thought i would never understand
maybe it's my streak at this moment, but i am determined not to be held back by anyone, and to do what i'm supposed to do.
i am so determined to be all that i am.
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Elle is following Baha'u'llah's admonition to "Bring thyself to account each day..." -gw

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