Friday, December 25, 2009

On Baha'i-Related Endeavors Advertising on the Net: Targeting Baha'is

It is one thing to put up a site for a Baha'i-related endeavor on the net and have that site featured on other sites. It is another to advertise a Baha'i-related endeavor on the net. The Internet offers the ultimate in advertising targeting. Here are just a few Baha'i-related endeavors that are showing up in Google advertising on pages I have visited. How much money is spent in targeting to Baha'is on the Internet, I wonder?
Joon Baby Designs - Baha'i greeting cards and more... Custom designs for all occasions.
Baha' I at Amazon [not even spelled right!]
Baha'i Counseling -  Baha'i Therapist. Phone sessions. Uplift, Resolve, Empower now. - Community of Baha'i Pilgrims. Learn about Pilgrimage from Baha'is.
Antipodean Bahá'í Studies- Bahá'í studies. Bahá'í research.
Bahá'í history. Bahá'í bibliography.
Baha'i Jewelry Store - 10% of sales go to Mona Foundation. Jewelry with Baha'i Symbol Design.

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