Sunday, November 22, 2009

On Week 5: Children's class on the Hilltop

Today was actually the 6th time we were in the home of the radiant Kenyan family that has become so dear to the friends visiting each week. Highlights of today’s childrens class:

  • The mom wasn’t home when we arrived, but Grandma immediately left the apartment, leaving us alone with the baby and 3 boys, so she could go to the house next door and gather the girls.  
  • All the kids had memorized “O God, guide me…” in just one week and were eager to show us how well they knew it.  They also loved singing “Tread ye the path of justice…” and “We are drops”
  • Not only was the mom, but her husband in attendance today for the first time.He wore a delighted smile throughout the class.
  • The family will be moving to another house on Hilltop this week, but the couple told us that next week we should go to the old apartment at our usual time, and they will wait for us there and personally take us to their new home. 
  • Arbai said that next week her Aunt’s children will also be there for children’s class, bringing the group to 14 children including ours. 

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