Wednesday, November 04, 2009

On the Two Debbies Go Teaching: The follow-up to Tacoma's intensive campaign intensifies

Last night at Baha'i Feast there was consultation on following-up on our recent Intensive Program of Growth. Today there was action. -gw

Hi Friends –

A short report of today’s activities (so far!):

Deb K called me this morning and said she had some free time from 11:30-3:00 and did I want to go try some follow ups. I said “sure!” I called Betty and she was home and said we could come by around 1:30.

We met at the Safeway and drove together over to the home that Mauricio had made a few efforts to follow up on. The lady who remembered Mauricio’s visits said they were just getting ready to go out. There were a few children there. There’s more info to share, but the upshot is, she invited us to come back tomorrow at 4pm to do a children’s class and pray. ...

Next we went to visit at the home where Kimberly and David live. The number we had didn’t match the house that Deb K thought was the right one, so we tried the house with the number we had. Turns out it was the wrong house, but a nice young woman answered so we went ahead and struck up a conversation with her. She said she and her roommates would like to hear more, so we made a date to come back tonight. ...

We went to Betty’s. Had a nice visit with her, and she and Debbie made a good connection. We talked about how best to proceed there and decided to go ahead with a children’s class this Saturday, 1pm, but if it ends up being mostly parents with small children, we will be flexible. I’m hoping we will be getting to know folks better and things will go forward from there. While we were there, we stopped by and visited with the apt manager and told her we’d be there on Saturday. We also revisited Shi, who had been the most enthusiastic person we’d met when we did our door-to-door visits. She remembered me, said she would be there at 1pm on Saturday for sure, and she would let others know. Such a friendly gal! She is 19 years old and has two young children.

Deb K went back to work and I decided to stop by Mary D’s, since I hadn’t spoken with her since Shadi and Alonso had visited. Oschai was there with his baby and Mary, so I got to visit with both of them. I talked with him about a study circle and he continues to be interested. He can’t come to George’s tonight as the baby is sick, but said Wednesday is his day off, so normally it would be good. I said we could arrange something there if that would work better for him. I asked him about what interested him about Shadi’s presentation and he mention about God being unknowable and several other things that let me know he really was taking it in. Mary also commented on how they all had been very attentive and that Shadi’s presentation was so good.

Love, Deb

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