Saturday, November 21, 2009

On Pattabi's Travel Teaching Report from Ramnagaram, India: 30 new Baha'is in the last 40 days after Ruhi Book 1

Our dearly loved Indian elder, member of the luster 19 WA community, is on cloud nine travel-teaching in his homeland. -gw

Hello from Karnataka State,

Some exciting news you may want to share in the Feast tomowrrow. My Teaching trip so far has been very confirmingl and  the Baha'i Council in Karnataka State has done a woderful job in planning  meetings in several big towns in this state in the five weeks I am spendig here.

We began with the celebration of Baha'u'llah's birthday on Nov 12th in a town called Ramnagaram 50 km from the city Bangalore and there were over 250 gueats - a third  of them contacts.. The main  highllight of the event was that individual recognition was made by calling  to the podium over 30 new declarants who had come into the Faith in the last 40 days after attending Ruhi Book 1,  Over 25 of these were ladies and very enthusiastic housewifes. On the same weekend we had a prayer/devotional gathering and over  30 - half  of them seekers- came and it as a very moviing get-to-gether,. The spirit is very refreshing.

Last week I was in a big University town called Belgaum - after traveling overnight by train -  and we had nine meetings in four  days addresing medical college students and staff and several other Technical Institutes and Colleges of Education. The Faith was openly mentoned after  the presentation and several youth were eager to attend d the Ruhi Institues and children / yourth programs.  Many have known the Faith after vsiting the Lous Tample in New Delhi.

I am resting today and we start next week Teaching in three other major towns,  I am in excellent shape both body and mind and please continue praying for the success of this trip. The Concourse on High are  very busy.

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LorenzoBWC said...

Good to hear that India is still growing! Anybody know the growth rate of this National Community?