Friday, November 27, 2009

On the next Paraliament of the World's Religions: 106 years later

The 1893 Parliament of the World’s Religions in Chicago  is highly significant to Baha'is, because that is where the Baha'i Faith was first mentioned in America. It is now 2009, and the Faith is in every land, The next Parliament meets this coming week in Austrailia. -gw
Baha’is from Australia and four other continents will deliver presentations at the Parliament of the World’s Religions to be held in Melbourne from 3-9 December 2009.

Thousands of participants will attend the event, which will be addressed by 1000 speakers including such international figures as the Dalai Lama and theologian Hans Kung.
Held every five years in a different city, the Parliament is the world’s biggest multi-faith event. In Australia for the first time, the event has as its theme “Make a World of Difference: Hearing each other, Healing the earth”. ...

The Baha’i speakers at the Parliament will come from Africa, North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Their topics will be equally diverse.

From Africa, Lucretia Lally Warren, the chairperson of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Botswana and a speaker at the past two Parliaments, will participate in a session on “Interfaith and the Future of Africa”.


Native American Kevin Locke, described as the world’s leading performer of the Lakota Hoop Dance, will present a spectacular session titled “There are no back row seats in the Hoop of Life”.

Professor Brian Lepard, a human rights specialist from the University of Nebraska, will examine from a Baha’i perspective the concept of a human right to development. Dr A. K. Merchant, a Baha’i from New Delhi, will speak at the same session.

British authors and scholars, Moojan and Wendi Momen, will present a panel discussion on “Building Peace in the Pursuit of Justice: A Baha’i Approach”.

The national secretary of the Australian Baha’i Community, Arini Beaumaris, will speak on “Spirituality and Women’s Leadership”.


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