Wednesday, November 04, 2009

On the Failure of Multiculturalism: What's next?

From Hari, this item.The downloadable document begins with the paragraph excerpted at the botttom of this post.-gw

Bahais in Scotland were involved in the production of a multi-faith resource called "Values in Harmony" - the promotion of good community relations described by 11 religions and beliefs in Scotland"  This includes the Golden Rule as found in the 11 different faith and belief traditions. The Project was funded by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission and launched by the Scottish Government Minister for Community Safety. The result of this collaboration, led by Geoff Lachlan of the Scottish Inter Faith Council is available for download (pdf, 2994 Kb)  It is intended to be a tool for promoting better social cohesion especially between Faiths and beliefs. Its target audience is youth and women. Though it is for workshops it is an excellent stand alone resource that enable us to celebrate our commonality with other beliefs, rather than focus on what divides us. The aims were obviously resonant with Bahai values and we were happy to be involved.




In his most recent book,

The Home That We Build Together, the Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks


“Multiculturalism has run its course, and has not led to integration but segregation. It has

allowed groups to live separately with no incentive to integrate……Culture is fragmenting into

non-communicating systems of belief in which civil discourse ends and reasoned argument

becomes impossible.”

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