Tuesday, November 03, 2009

On Election Day: Susan Tedeschi's "People"

It's election day all over the country. Governance in the world today is pretty messy. The election process is adversarial pretty much all over the world. Those who run for office are often those with the largest egos. Humility goes unrewarded in the old-world-order system of things. All this brings to mind Susan Tedeschi's "People." Thanks to Alexander for turning me on to this artist in the first place. -gw


People, People 2x
Don’t you know you have a voice?
People, People
Don’t you know you have a choice?

TV screens and corrupt magazines 3x
Man on the radio
Says he knows what you need
Planting seeds that just mislead
Can’t be taken back
You watch them grow and then you’ll know
How much you’ve been lead
Oh how can you say there’s nothing wrong
when it’s gone on too long?

People, People 2x
What more can I say?
Let’s get ourselves together
Too much at stake to look away

Don’t buy him don’t bump for her 3x
She’s likely to be bought
Don’t buy her don’t bump for him
Power’s his only thought
Confusion and disillusion
Proud of your mind
Until a big decision is too hard to find
How can you say there’s nothing wrong?
When it’s going on too long

People, People 2x
They said you’d free your mind
People, People
Don’t you think it’s about time?

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